Yin // Yang


One of Grudge's inspirations having Yoga available to our members, family and friends, is beautifully echoed by CrossFit founder Coach Greg Glassman:

"Regularly learn and play new sports."

CrossFitter and Yoga Instructor Siri Hogfeldt leads the way in bridging the gap between our community and Yoga twice a month. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore and experience an activity other than CrossFit that will inevitably benefit two-fold. 

Yoga with Siri goes on every other Thursday. Join us on the following dates below:

Thursday // June 7 @ 7pm
Thursday // June 21 @ 7pm
Thursday // July 5 @ 7pm
Thursday // July 19 @ 7pm
Thursday // August 2 @ 7pm
Thursday // August 16 @ 7pm
Thursday // August 30 @ 7pm
Thursday // September 13 @7pm
Thursday // September 27 @ 7pm

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