Our Philosophy is simple.  Provide professional service, quality workouts, and make sure everyone is having fun.  We pride ourselves in making sure all members go through the proper avenues to ensure success.  Not only do we prepare our members to enter into the Group Class successfully, we always stay updated with their progress with their Personal Coach and our Performance Tracking System.


On-Boarding Process

We offer a wide variety of ways to ensure you go through the proper channels to entering into our CrossFit Group Class.  

  • Fitness Assessment & Intro Session
  • 1 - Week Free Trial for Experienced CrossFitters
  • Personal Training
  • CrossFit Group Class

This ensures that every athlete who enters into our Group Class is on the same page and moves with confidence.  Proper screening before joining our class will reduce injury and allows all Coaches to run a smooth and comprehensive Group Class for everyone.

Fitness Not Sport

In CrossFit's humble beginnings, it was a universal fitness program for everyone.  This meant anyone is supposed to be able to CrossFit with the correct fundamentals and scalable options for each workout.  At Grudge Fitness we really take the word "Fitness" to heart.  Our focus is on everyone, not just competitive young athletes looking to compete. 


Zero drama.  Meet cool people who share the same common goals.  Our Group Classes are always fun, energetic, and challenging thanks to our whole community.  In addition, we run annual events such as the following:

  • Up to 2 Nutrition Challenges a Year
  • 3 In-House Competitions
  • Anniversary Party
  • Holiday Party
  • and much more!