Member FAQ

How do I Reserve Class?

We use a system called Push Press to reserve class.  It's important to reserve class as sometimes we have workouts that are specifically tailored to only utilize our class cap.    Save this Member Portal link to your Home Screen or Bookmark it: 

If you do not have a pin set-up shoot an email and we will send you a Pin Set-up Link right away. There is a 20 Burpee Penalty if you do not reserve class. 

How can I track my workout scores and personal records?

Download the App, SugarWOD.  Search for our gym, Grudge Fitness, and enter in the Access Code = 7586. The App is available for both iPhone & Android.

iPhone Download Link 
Android Download Link

Where can I buy my own Personal Jump Rope?

Amazon - You can find any cheap one but make sure you get one with ball bearing. 
Rx Jump Ropes - Great for beginner (Elite 2.6 Rope Thickness) to intermediate (Ultra 1.8 - Hyper 1.3 Rope Thickness).
RPM Fitness -   The Louis Vuitton of Jump Ropes.  Recommended only for Double Under experts. 

What kind of shoes should I wear?

The correct answer is any shoe that doesn't have too much cushion.  For example, running shoes are not ideal for our workouts.  Some go to workout shoes are the Nike Metcon 1, 2, and 3's, and the Reebok Nano Series  

You can easily find Nike 1's and 2's at discounted prices at the outlets,,,, and  In addition, you can find Reebok Nano shoes at any of the links mentioned for the Nike Metcons.  

Do you need weightlifting shoes?  Not really.  Will they help your squat?  Yes, but so will mobilize your ankles, hips, and thoracic spine area.