2017 Grudge Fitness Intramural Open

The Intramural is back!  This year we are dedicating Friday evenings exclusively to you!  Friday Night Lights are happening for 5 consecutive Friday's and we will be running strictly heats, no classes, and will be providing food & drinks after the last heat.  You'll also be drafted into a Team led by either:  Tait, Ben, Michael Shioji, Brenda, or Mychal.  The same point system will be used this year except for 2 huge changes: your team leaders cannot count towards top 5 scores and you are only allowed a single guest for all 5 weeks.

For you newer folks, you're probably wondering what the heck is the Intramural Open?  Every year in February/March, the CrossFit Open begins.  It is an worldwide competition for CrossFitters to participate in to see where they rank among their Region, Country, and the World.  For 5 straight weeks, a surprise workout is announced on Thursday evening which must be performed by Monday at the latest for submission.  The fee to join the CrossFit Open competition is $20.  At Grudge Fitness we take the same concept and make it Community oriented and more relatable for our group of athletes.  We split up into Teams and have fun with it by including Friday Night Lights, Prizes, and created a fun Team competition out of it.  For more information, read the description below for each section of our Intramural Open.  Whether you are 1-Month new into the gym or have 4+ years under your belt of CrossFit, the Intramural Open is designed for EVERYONE to be able to participate in.  

There will be no classes Friday Nights.  We will be running strictly heats which you can sign-up for day of, first come first serve basis.  

Food and drinks will be provided after the last heat for everyone signed up for the Intramural Open. We will be providing a different cuisine every week.  BYOB.  Friday Night Lights will run on the following evenings:

Week 1 = February 24
Week 2 = March 3
Week 3 = March 10
Week 4 = March 17
Week 5 = March 24


You'll be drafted into one of these Teams:

Team Red = Mychal
Team Black = Tait
Team Blue = Ben
Team Green = Michael
Team Maroon = Brenda

Here is how your Team will earn points:

Individual Workout = 1 Point
Total Team Completion = 1 Point per Person
Top 3 Men Rx = 1 Point
Top 3 Women Rx = 1 Point
Top 3 Men Scaled = 1 Point
Top 3 Women Scaled = 1 Point
Guest Workout = 1 Point

Everyone will receive a:
Team Color Specific T-Shirt

Winning Team will receive a:
Stainless Steel Grudge Fitness Mug

10263985_818116394982682_9021620050383927581_o copy.jpg

Does the names Bonnie, Ivet, Sonia, Xavier, Jeizelle, Cora, Stephanie, and Virginia ring a bell?  They have been with us since being guests of our 2016 Intramural Open!  

The Intramural is a great opportunity to expose guests to our workouts and strengthen our community.  But this year we are doing it different.

You are allowed only ONE guest to attend our Intramurals.  They have the opportunity to attend as many of the Weeks (5 total) as possible on either Saturday at 11am or Sunday at 12pm.  Each attendance will be one additional point for your Team.