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Thank you for participating in our 2017 Grudge Fitness Intramural!  We take your participation in our scheduled workouts very seriously in hoping you will experience awesome workouts with us.  

The CrossFit Open is an exciting time of year for us as we look forward to getting into Teams and competing for 5 straight weeks.  Each week, a new workout is announced that is participated in by up to 150,000 participants around the world, wanting to see where each person ranks not only globally, but regionally as well.  We take it a step further and created a Team atmosphere within our gym walls.  This competition includes you!

For 5 straight weeks, we'll be opening up an additional class on Saturday at 11am and Sunday at 12pm for you to participate in our Intramural Team Competition. By attending a workout you'll help earn an additional point to one of the 5 teams competing.  The workouts will be modified so that anyone is able to participate. You have the opportunity to help your Team earn up to 5 additional points.   

Here are your available workout dates:

Week 1 =  Saturday 2/25 @ 11am OR Sunday 2/26 @ 12pm
Week 2 = Saturday 3/3 @ 11am OR Sunday 3/4 @ 12pm
Week 3 = Saturday 3/11 @ 11am OR Sunday 3/12 @ 12pm
Week 4 = Saturday 3/18 @ 11am OR Sunday 3/19 @ 12pm
Week 5 = Saturday 3/25 @ 11am OR Sunday 3/26 @ 12pm

There you have it!  All you need to do is provide us with some information below so you can just simply come in and sign the waiver form.  

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