Experienced CrossFitters

If you've done CrossFit before but our still relatively new, we offer a Movement Screening Session to ensure your success in entering into our Gym.

  • Those of you who are on the fence on your abilities to join our Group Class right away, move to Option 1
  • If you're confident in your abilities and are ready to join our Group Class, move straight to Option 2.

Option 1: Movement Screening Session

During your 1 - Hour Session, you'll have the opportunity to test your proficiency and or knowledge of the following with one of our Trainers:

  • Squats = Air Squat, Back Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat
  • Shoulder-to-Overhead = Strict Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk
  • Lifts = Deadlift, Clean, Snatch
  • Misc. Movements = Thruster, KB Swing, WBS, Pull-up/Toes-to-Bar (scaling if necessary), Rowing, Double Unders, Box Jumps

The Fee for a 1 - Hour Movement Screening Session is $40.00. After finishing your Movement Screening Session, you will be credited $20 toward your 1st Month of CrossFit Group Class or toward Personal Training.

Option 2: Complementary Group Class Sessions

Join our Group Classes for 3 Complementary Sessions. This will be a good opportunity for you to get comfortable with our Coaches, Class Structure, Environment, Community, and Programming. If you started at Option 1 and your Movement Screening Trainer doesn't clear you to join our Group Class, you will be recommend to begin Personal Training instead.

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